Quote of the Week: March 25

In his classic A Mathematicians Apology, published 65 years ago, the great mathematician G. H. Hardy wrote that "A man who sets out to justify his existence and his activities" has only one real defense, namely that "I do what I do because it is the one and only thing that I can do at all well." "I am not suggesting," he added, "that this is a defence which can be made by most people, since most people can do nothing at all well. But it is impregnable when it can be made without absurdity ... If a man has any genuine talent he should be ready to make almost any sacrifice in order to cultivate it to the full."
G. H. Hardy, as quoted by Aaron Swartz.


Quote of the Week: March 18

This week's quote goes out to Mike Kaplan:
If you work your way down the Forbes 400 making an x next to the name of each person with an MBA, you'll learn something important about business school. You don't even hit an MBA till number 22, Phil Knight, the CEO of Nike.
--Paul Graham, How to Start a Startup


Quote of the Week: March 11

Rod Humble, Executive Producer of The Sims franchise (and a past acquaintance), on how he plans to expand the video game market:
I don't know if there's any fixed lifecycle for the Sims franchise because I think that it can go a lot more places. Part of the mandate that I had when I took over the position is to really break this franchise out into a more mainstream audience. So the way I like to look at the franchise is walk into a bookstore and take every video game you know and just place them on a shelf in the bookstore. And I think you'll find they tend to cluster a lot in certain areas in the bookstore. And I want the Sims to fill up the rest of the bookstore.
via Gamespot.




I'm once again blogging after nearly five months; I apologize to my readers for the hiatus. A combination of things conspired to keep me away- after my last post, I was invited to join the Citizendium Executive Committee, my computer died, and a host of "real life" issues demanded my attention. I was also faced with a problem-I spent nearly a month on-and-off writing my post on Citizendium, and it got a pretty fantastic reception (my first slashdotting!). How do I follow that up without blogging full-time?

The last bit seems to have taken care of itself. It's easy to improve on five months of silence. :)

This blogging season I'm going to shoot for more original work and a regular quote of the week on topics I'm thinking about. No promises about how timely the original work will be, but I'll post a new quote every week by noon on Monday.

And finally, a request: if any reader out there has or is working toward a Ph.D. in physics, chemistry, or biology, and likes to think about unusual, hypothetical problems, send me an email. I have one.